Wonder Man In Rome

A vacation to myself
I landed in Rome Friday night and even touched down early. By the time I had gotten to the bus and eventually made it into town I wasn’t sure if any time was actually gained. Either way finding the apartment I was staying at was only a little tricky once I was on the block. My host sort of forgot to describe it to me. Regardless, she was extremely welcoming and then she headed out with her daughter (who I kind of wanted to get to know!). Anyway, I got situated in the very nice and spacious modern apartment in Italy’s capital. I love coming across new juxtaposed with the old. This high roof apartment had white walls, modern finishings and was on the top floor with great light; it was simple passing out here.


I started my Friday morning casually with a breakfast in the apartment to myself and then headed out into the vast city. I’d booked two nights in Rome because the cost of everything was cheaper than my next destination, Switzerland. I also didn’t need to be in Geneva until Monday. Basically once I finished at the Gagosian in town I had two full days to do whatever. The gallery was a pretty awesome one. It was housed it some old bank or embassy or something. The front door was flanked by massive columns and the main showing space was an oval. I realize they could’ve added the curving interior walls, but that fact that they had the space to do so was what impressed me. I viewed the work and had a nice talk with the ladies at the front desk. One even had glasses from the same designer as me and then she mentioned that she’d lived in Philly for a couple years. Stuff like that is so random. One more stamp was added to my collection and all that remained was one.


I walked out happy and ready to go! Shit, I still had two days in Rome. Honestly it’s not one of my favorite cities, especially not in Italy. Time to play my wondering self. I walked about town towards the Vatican and somehow ended up going around it in some crazy way. I enjoyed it because I saw the city from the large hill that the Holy City sits upon. I also found myself in some random park at a certain point as well. After the heavens parted and I eventually made it back towards the city center I walked my ass home. It was time to rest from the epic day. That night I found a small spot and treated myself to a good traditional meat dish and wine. Rest was next!


My Sunday was walking up to the Vatican as the Pope (I think) was finishing his prayer. I looped back around midday because I had decided to do something tourist related. I’d been to Rome more than once before, but never inside the Vatican. I waited in the off and on rainy line before making my way into the cathedral. It was extremely impressive and I really wanted to hear a choir in there, but that didn’t happen by the time I’d seen all the little details.


The remainder of my day was just more roaming around and trying to see what the locals do. One reason I’m not a huge fan of Rome is all the tourism. The city is spread out, there is history at every turn and the downside to that is if you want to get off the beaten path it’s very tricky. Good thing I found myself some coffee to start. Now time to venture to the apartment in some random series of turns!