The Sound of Adventure

Dream of paradise
I woke up this morning and realized that I should share the music I’d been listening to during my weekend adventures. I’m sorry I didn’t make any special event mix for or during the trips. However, I listened to one album far more than the rest, and for good reason. When it came time to taxi to the runway or just after climbing out of any airport (typically JFK at the beginning of my trips) I’d play Coldplay’s most recent album “Mylo Xyloto” that came out in October. As everyone knows, the group is pretty damn awesome and they keep evolving over the years. Their sound is great for putting you in a relaxing and ambitious mood for taking on the world.

Another sign of why I needed to listen to the album constantly when flying was because Delta had it listed onboard in the music section as a new release. Yes, I had it on my phone too, but it was always there for me when I took a seat. When I think about it, the music helped ground me as I was continually on the move around the world.