Swiss Transactions

Do you need money, watches or chocolate?
The train pulled into Geneva station and as I stepped out onto the street I almost couldn’t believe it. After all of those hours and the distance traveled on land in the last 24 hours, I’d made it to Lake Geneva. I was now in Switzerland!

I figured out which way I was pointing and headed towards downtown. Geneva is quite pretty and very clean. This wasn’t surprising that a Swiss city lived up to being extremely organized and well kept. I had also never seen so many financial institutions so close together in my life. That little series of sightings helped the Swiss live up to another stereotype as well. Nothing was hard to find around town, which meant arriving at the gallery was easy.

I found the door and made my way upstairs to the final Gagosian of my trip. I was greeted with a warm welcome. Upon seeing my pack and hearing that I was a little tired they asked if I was doing the Spot Challenge. Of course I was and handed him my card. “Oh you’re finishing” he said. He then mentioned that I could place my bag in the office and he’d begin taking care of the final stamp. Another man named Greg handled the stamp, papers, etc and then I was offered a glass of Champagne. Now this officially meant that I was done. How crazy it was. I talked to them about my journeys around the world and the method to my madness. Greg said I was the first person he’d met doing it my way. He also told me that I was probably the seventh person to finish the challenge in Geneva, which I though was pretty cool.


Everything (that they new so far) was explained to me and I thanked them greatly. After that I headed out to explore Geneva for the afternoon. I covered a good amount of ground and did my best not to freeze in the icy winds from the lake. I called my friend Michael back home to tell him where I was and that I’d finished the Spot Challenge in almost exactly a month! He went back to sleep and me the airport after a little more roaming of the lake. All I could do was reflect on what I had accomplished… and then the somewhat long trek home.