NYT is Winning

This morning I just got so motivated by Diplo, Skrillex and Justin Bieber, but only thanks to the New York Times. I’ve passively heard their latest song “Where Are Ü Now” on the radio or wherever and it’s a good upbeat one for summer. What made me respect the three of them, more Diplo and Skrillex honestly, and then even motivate me was the story behind how they made the track.

The New York Times did a video interview of the three in their typical tasteful way. Although, they then asked for the help or their digital designers, or someone in the 8th Ave tower I assume, to add graphics throughout the footage. For some reason their clean and modern elements that reflected the music helped me better enjoy the interview in my opinion. It wasn’t just a bunch of b-roll, but a subtle creative addition that got me excited. Maybe also learning that Skrillex does do much more with drums and vocal distortions than just getting NYU kids to dance around like crazy purple creatures on Randall’s Island.


And if you haven’t heard the full song then it’s below. The video is more acid trip, unlike the NYT piece.