Ni**as In Paris?!

You never know who you’ll run into.
I spent Thursday night doing a little prep for my trip. This weekend I packed very light, I almost feel as though I took less than when I went home to LA! Either way I was ready to go when I went to the office Friday morning. This trip I felt a little different about how I wanted to travel. I really enjoy traveling for the most part and decided that I’d celebrate the old times of when people dressed for the occasion. A button-up, good dark jeans and some nice Y-3s were perfect for my weekend in Paris and London. Leaving the office early I arrived at JFK with the perfect amount of time to relax and think about the whirlwind ahead of me, and what they might hopefully be serving for dinner in Business Class.


The flight was good, got some rest and then off into Paris I went. Nothing is open at 9am on a Saturday morning in the city of love. Luckily I remembered a Starbucks near the city center from years back and knew it’d be open, along with having wifi. I walked from the North Station down towards the river. Grabbing a shot of expresso and some internet I warmed up (18 degrees roughly) before taking a trek around the city.


Gagosian Paris doesn’t open until 11am, so keep that in mind whenever you’re visiting for any reason. I had a pretty amazing morning around town, making it to the gallery just after it opened. As I walked in I was kindly greeted and took to viewing the small collection. I heard anther visitor enter two minutes later. Turning around I saw someone I knew, “Rob?”


“Hey, perfect! I’m so happy to see you” he said. I met Rob last week in LA and we had a nice talk about our trips to date. He mentioned that he’d be in Europe the following week. We swapped info, but never set anything official up. I assumed I find him in London. It was great seeing another familiar face doing this crazy trip, especially in a similar way to myself. “Are you taking the train to London?” – I asked. He thought “Yah, the 1…” I butted in with “the 1:30?” And boom, we were both headed to London together.

Don’t worry. I never actually blasted the Jay-Z and Kanye song around Paris.