My Flying Fantasy

Holy shit Teague just (a month ago) out did my young nerdy childhood airline dream. They’ve done a case study on what a future airline could and potentially should be. And this isn’t some space age bullshit hope in a plane at the end of your block outside of Starbucks.


This is still an airline that leaves from a major airport with gates, security and the whole nine yards. The difference is in how they shift the brand’s focus. Also, some fun design wouldn’t hurt either.

The biggest enemy of today’s airlines isn’t cutthroat competition or complex regulatory processes—it’s the status quo

I enjoy how they don’t give a shit about what you think as the customer. Teague backs their redesign ideas with simple data and in my opinion logic. So leave that huge as bag full of shoes at check-in because it’s going under the plane. And who really needs four pairs of shoes for a weekend trip anyway.

I actually designed an airline way back in high school because I was a huge nerd. My friends were already becoming pilots, but I was headed down a different path, aka art and design. My younger less creative or more narcissist self came up with the grand name of Ricchio International. Yup, I almost sounded like a huge Japanese industrial company. I rethought what an airline should look, feel and act like. I designed a livery (yes, that’s what a paint job is called on an aircraft) and built a website. I even figured out what should be served onboard, as well as sold in duty-free.

Ricchio International Livery
Applied to aircraft within Flight Simulator

Guess I was ahead of my time. Now I just have to hope and pray that Teague’s brainchild Poppi will arrive soon.

Read the full Teague case study here >