Less Than 24hrs

After a busy day at the office on Friday I casually headed to JFK, where I grabbed some dinner and boarded an extremely empty last flight to LAX. The 757 was so empty that the flight attendant welcomed us all to our private jet to Los Angeles, which by the way, got into LAX 45 minutes early! My father was waiting there as my late night pick home. Him and I talked until almost 2am and then I crashed for a brief sleep. When a good friend of mine, Euno Lee, found out about this project that I’d begun, he was ready, willing and able to be my driver, along with Saturday morning partner in crime. He took me to a spot around the corner from the Gagosian in Beverly Hills that had a great breakfast burrito (which I always miss) and it wasn’t plated in gold or cost half a million dollars.


We finished breakfast and walked over to the gallery to add another spot to my card and finish North America. I was impressed by the massive spot painting displayed in the show, and I guess it only makes sense that LA would have what appears to be the largest piece in the series. I ran into some other individuals taking on the challenge and even a nice guy named Rob. He was even doing it in a similar way to me. We exchanged info and said where we were planning on being next. Hopefully, “we’ll grab a beer in London” he said, and I agreed.


Well, after that Euno and I got in the car and made our way to the airport for my 1:30pm flight back to NYC. I got there on time, cruised through security (it was Saturday) and made my way back to the East.


Thanks to my family and friends who have been cheering me on along the way. On to Europe!