It Was Hard For A Reason

Design wasn’t for everyone. It used to be hard. It used to be a trade, or at least not understandable by the masses. I wasn’t brought up in that time, but was fortunate enough to have been taught some of the old ways from an early age. And I kind of wish it was still not for everyone.

The video above shows how hard and dedicated you had to be as a “designer.” Everyone these days is or wants to be one, which is great. You’re certainly welcome to be because it’s a fun ass time. But the ease of the process and tools of the modern trade have made it a nightmare more often than not. The classic phrase “so easy even your mother can do it” is scary true. Great, now my Mom can be the hovering art director too! When everyone knows a little about something they assume they can tell you a lot about nothing. I think this is where some of my gripes comes from. I have huge respect for the old school creatives that paved the way because they toiled over the simple shit because they had to. Very few people could make demands of them other than “make the logo bigger” simply because they had no clue how the magician was doing it. Why did I post this video or start this rant? I love design. I love it the new way and the old way, but just because you know what a “font” might be doesn’t mean you know shit about design.

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