Fuck Your Artisanalness

I like most people love to laugh at products that are just bullshit. I mean things like Whole Foods latest gimmick of “something” infused water. They’ll take two seconds to walk over to another part of their store, grab a fruit or produce item, throw it into a bottle of water and then slap a $6+ price tag on it. HA! Well, these guys just put out an awesome video perfectly mocking brands that sit on their high horses about stupid made up justifications for nothing.

Not everything has to be made by hand. Just because somethings are better quality when someone takes the time and labor to truly ‘craft’ them doesn’t mean everything done that way will be better. It also means that simply using the words ‘hand crafted, artisanal, heritage’ and any other annoying hip retail buzzword is not okay. Especially when the shit makes no logical sense. Example being people who claim to handcraft websites or digital items. How the fuck does one do that? Did you put a chisel through your MacbookPro screen? Just shut up and watch the video.

Timmy Brothers | The awesome joke

Mast Brothers | The over the top original which clearly was the inspiration