Posted on February 10, 2012 by

European Preflight

Tickets, IDs, Cards and Drugs
I think I have everything ready to go for the first leg of Europe, which begins tomorrow night. For now I need to sleep after packing and prepping for the office in the morning. I’m excited because it looks to be a pretty quick, but very fun trip. If you notice the pain reliever in the photo, that would be to help the ankle injury I got last night (wonderful timing). I was bouldering at my gym in the cave, flew of the ceiling and landed wrong on the incorrectly placed pads. I was scared, although fine the rest of the night. To help prevent any injuries I put ice on it before going to bed; around 4am I woke of in crazy pain and instantly worried about the Whirlwind Weekend ahead of me. Long story short, I got a brace on my way into the office this morning and did my best to stay off of it for the time being. Now to rest before starting another day of work ending with travel.