A Whirlwind Conclusion

March, specifically March 17th, marks the two year anniversary of the conclusion of the Spot Challenge. I finished about a month before that, but I wanted to make sure this post happened before April rolled around.

When I finished the challenge I wasn’t handed any prize, except for a glass of champagne and a nice congratulations. After the paperwork was handled I was simply told to be patient and wait for some form of contact from Gagosian. It took some time and during it my new buddy Rob and I joked about what or how large the prize would be. Months started to tick away and people were starting to wonder. I myself didn’t really care; I had faith something was coming and probably something pretty good. There were individuals taking part in the challenge that had far more money or influence compared to me, so they sure would make a stink if it all turned out to be shit.

Finally the notice email came with information about the prize and how to eventually obtain it. I decided to have mine shipped to the Los Angeles gallery instead of NYC. Rob on the other hand had to come pick his up in NYC since there wasn’t a Gagosian gallery near him. We made a fun morning of it with breakfast, picking up the print, which turned out to be pretty big, and then Rob headed back to the airport.


Now, I got to pick mine up just a couple weeks later when I flew home for the holidays, which worked out to be perfect timing. I landed at LAX on my birthday and we drove right to Beverly Hills to pickup my prize!


Carrying a large tube out of the Gagosian Gallery was pretty fun. I had seen maybe one or two photos online, but I wanted to of course see mine and if there was anything specific to it. So we got it in the car and headed home where I carefully removed it from the tube. We laid it out and simply gazed at it. I just smiled and giggled a little I think. This item wasn’t my goal 11 months prior, but looking at it there in front of me just brought the adventure right back.


It’s simply one of those things I’ll always think “shit I did that!” And anyone else I tell will ask “shit you did that?”



Michael Thomas“If you can do it, then you certainly should.”
Liam McWilliams“If you start this, you’ll finish it. No, you will!”
Don Zinzell – Being the most supportive boss/art lover

And of course to everyone who cheered me on during my travels and safe returns home.