A Day In Asia’s World City

Woke up to my full day in Hong Kong somewhat sore from the night before, but I was still able to move forward and head to the Gagosian Gallery first thing. I walked down Nathan Road all the way till I hit the bay. The view was very impressive and one that I’ve wanted to see for at least 10 years now. I knew the next thing I needed to do was jump on the famous Star Ferry to head toward Central. I found the gallery and gained another spot for the challenge. The brief conversation with the manager was funny.


“So, where to next? – We’ll I’m trying to do this only on the weekends. – WOW! Good luck then. Well, you should take advantage of the weather and head to The Peak.”

Then I agreed and headed out into the city. I did some wandering and tried to work my way towards The Peak. I read that not visiting this location is equal to seeing Paris without the Eiffel Tower climb.


I finally made it back to the apartment before having to quickly run out again to meet a friend. She was actually a pen-pal from about a decade ago. We got drinks at the top of the ICC building in Kowloon. This spot was crazy high (118 stories) and didn’t even seem real. We said goodbye after a fun talk and then I was off to meet up with Frankie again. Dinner with his family and then we hit the night life… hard.