2017 Recap

It’s been a year of firsts.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile as the year started to finish and that general topic kept coming up. During this past year I’ve taken on a good number of things for the first time, so why not call it for what it is. I’m not trying to sound like I’m special or some kind of influential person at all. I simply stumbled into a number of things for the first time this year. And I’m still not sure what’s the best way to cover them. I like things clear and to the point, so a list might make the most sense.


I visited for the first time at the end of March and then found myself back there two more times during the year.

Western Skiing

Made it to Big Sky that first time to Montana and felt what it was like to ski with just a breaker and sunglasses.

Fly Fishing

Tried this awesomely relaxing and heart bumping quiet past-time. Now I’ll just have to learn more about it.

On Set

I finally got to go on a shoot for one of the brands (Cabela’s) I’ve been working on.


I was in both North and a little South Carolina for work.


I found myself flying into Houston in the middle of a thunderstorm and then attempting to drive back though it to College Station late at night. After that it was onto the Gulf Coast where I stayed in Galveston.

Offshore Fishing

After some awesome running across bumpy waves I was 40 miles out into the Golf experiencing some legit fishing, and filming before too many people became sick.


Hanging with amazing new friends sparked a trip to our northern neighbor, a place I’ve never been.


While in Canada you must do as crazy Canadians celebrating their 150 year anniversary and go snorkeling in a lake for food to boil.


Made our way back to the French airport and city we started at to do some exploring with friends from NYC.


The last trip to Montana resulted in some remote work with deer hunting bookending each day. What better way to finish a Friday than helping spot a Mule Deer and then carry it out after the shot. And then wake up the next day to butcher as well.


The summer flew by and there were more adventures that took place, but I can’t think of any new experiences until Fall came. Shortly after we got back into town from one crazy week Ginni and I decided to explore Yale. So this became a first to both the university and New Haven. The rare books collection was pretty impressive, especially the building for me.


And that concludes all of the firsts from this year that flew by.

Well, I got engaged too. Yes, it is technically a first, but I plan on keeping it the only one.