2016 Recap

How did this year start?

Oh, on an airplane climbing out of LAX as midnight approached. I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in the sky for a few years now. Landing early in NYC on January first is my favorite time in the city. It’s the quietest you’ll ever see New York. As the city still sleeps I get to think a little longer as I make my way home. It’s a new year and I’ve got shit to do. This tends to be a trend for me.

I don’t like being busy and I certainly hate telling people that I am. I just end up creating projects for myself even when I shouldn’t sometimes. At least this is a good sign I love to create. And 2016 had some creating in it for sure. I started my first full year at Ogilvy & Mather and got to meet some pretty awesome individuals. Ideas where developed, some made, others passed over, but that’s how things go.

Drexel University Campaign
Cabela’s latest campaign and design
DuPont Photovoltaic global with China launch

No weddings this year, but some crazy random adventures with my daily partner in crime. (Yes, daily crime because I love her and she’s obviously not my bromance.) We went to Kentucky twice. And on one of those trips my friend for twenty years managed to find us in the woods, just from my string of texts. I think we got Michael into climbing now.

There was a trip to Chicago via LA to surprise my Mother who finished the Camino de Santiago all by herself. (I had her make a connection in NYC and I booked the sit next to her for the leg to LAX.) She also turned 60 years old, so it was kind of a birthday thing too.

There was also a trip to LA for a long weekend with the Daily Partner in Crime. Then Minnesota to play in the dirt and smash a fucking car with an excavator! Yah, we played with large construction equipment for a couple hours.

Then there was Vermont. Oh shit I forgot Colorado to hang with my bro, climb, partake in some cannabis products and float in a salt water pool somewhere in the mountains. There was of course Kentucky again for Thanksgiving with climbing and Cracker Barrel.

Wow, I think 2016 was a year of working and flying. Holy shit, I almost forgot about Tokyo and Taipei somehow! This proves my point. Myself and Daily Partner in Crime managed to mainly work, take simple weekends and then jump on flights all over the place whenever possible. I saw family more than just once and some even in different locations.

Yah, several famous people died this year and a pretty dramatic election happened, but I think it was a good year for me. And that’s how people have to measure it I believe. Pay attention to the state of the world, but never make it your burden. Focus on making sure you have a good life and in turn I think it’ll be reflected in the world in some small way. (My two stupid deep sounding lines.)

Bring on 2017.

PS – This year I’m heading back a little early. Time for New Year’s Eve with my Daily Partner in Crime.