2015 Recap

This past year was a very packed and interesting one. It started off with me handling some of my own challenges and adventures, but that all shifted as the year progressed. I’d say that 2015 was truly a year for me to celebrate, support and help others in my life.

Brother during our stop in Durango

Friends and family were there for me, but if I look back I’d say that I was proud to be there for others. Friends changing jobs or looking for new ones to start, family making moves for the better, and a couple weddings. I was proud to help my younger brother start his new life and career in Denver with a roadtrip from SoCal. He’s now on his way and happily carving out his path. Loved ones had trying times with family and friends, but the best thing you can do is listen. Others left NYC to find themselves or figure out what they want in life. This is always a tricky one because you want to be happy for them, but concerned about yourself at the same time. It feeds right into the cliché saying “if you love something then you’ll know when to let it go.” Funny enough, some of these individuals have already passed back through my life or even returned for a period.

Seeing off people I met when coming to NYC. Good luck Steve.

I did do a bunch of work, but nothing that was greater than my life experiences in 2015. People are important to me, even if it might not seem that way at times. So with that I’m excited to tackle this new year, both in the life and work. I’m pumped to reorganize somethings and better develop others. Oh, and I finally did put my portfolio back online if you haven’t already seen it: WORK.RICCH.IO

Some of the good people I know.